inplan navigation
Managing maritime traffic is not an easy task. Doing it on paper is nowadays outdated as it increases the risk to lose critical data or to cause errors. Our Navigation 2.0 software is a customized digital administrative solution that simplifies your operations, helping your company be more effective, more efficient and more profitable. The Navigation software targets ports, transshipment companies as well as forwarding agents. Not only does it cover journeys schedules, bookings or invoices, it also allows relevant users to enter allocation data and be updated on transshipment status and vessel movements. Plus, it can be used as a decentralized application without extra cost. The software is designed for all types of cargo. However, graphical schemes may be adapted for each type of good or vessel, in order to rationalize operations. 
The software runs on standard servers and workstations and operates on Microsoft Windows as well as on Oracle.
The software includes the following major functions: 
  • - Arranging journeys (Scheduling and carrying out a designated journey)
  • - Booking cargo
  • - Calculating yield
  • - Generating invoices/credit notes
  • - Reports and statistics