inplan procurement

The procurement software helps automate the entire procurement processing, while facilitating administrative operations and allowing long-term cost savings. By streamlining purchasing process to invoice verification, you save time and gain control of expenditures. The custom-made software transforms procurement from a tactical activity to a strategic initiative. Having a single interface for procurement related management information cuts down the time and effort required to monitor organizational spending. It increases service levels for management, internal clients and partners through internet portal, as well as cost efficiency for better financial results, generating additional revenues. 

Our procurement software is a modern application package managing all purchasing, warehousing and administration operations. All activities are electronically handled and standardized to reduce errors margin and ensure all purchasing orders, billing and payment are carried out with the correct approval and right process. The procurement software targets industries such as banks, insurances, wholesalers, telecoms, transportation, logistics, engineering companies,…
The software is written in .Net programming languages and uses Oracle and MS SQL Server. It runs on standard servers with INTEL-architecture. 
Customized text modules are available to rationalize the entire purchasing process.
The software includes the major following functions: 
  • - Requisition and approval
  • - Bid registration
  • - Direct order placement
  • - Goods receipt
  • - Invoice checking
  • - Budget monitoring
  • - Stock movement
  • - Inventory and valuation