inplan warehousing

In this rapidly evolving world, the challenges are to remain in control while being more efficient and serving customers better. Our state-of-the-art warehousing solutions are designed to enhance and support the main functionalities of warehouse keepers. Our customized modules are easy to use and enable you to gain full control over the whole business process while simplifying the entry of warehouse transaction data and services. Both customers and warehousing company can enter and track material planning and dispatch. The software allows automated billing processes of warehousing services with billing data being transferred immediately to relevant accounts. Additional module related to special services (dedicated storage, fumigation, vehicles, etc…) can be included in the software.

The software runs on standard servers and workstations and operates on Microsoft Windows as well as on Oracle.
The software includes the following major functions: 
  • - Master Data
  • - Stock intake
  • - Goods handling
  • - Goods picking
  • - Stock removal
  • - Billing
  • - Reports and statistics